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Line Arts or Sketches
You can request sketches and drawings of whatever you want! Be it from the basic skeleton posing to rough line art to finished fine line art. All you'll have to do is pay 10 points and wait for a maximum of three weeks (Not counting for daily events such as school, work, gatherings ect.) Of course you can send a message to me to keep track of the progress of your paid commission, I will be sure to respond accordingly with the details of your commission

Ex: Q: "Hey how's my commission doing?" A: "Your commission is doing very well, just a few touches and should be ready by tomorrow"

If you are going to post said commission on your page, credit me please and send your friends over if they like it. Happy shopping~.
Complete Character Peices
Want me to draw your character? Do you want me to show you a finished product of your character? Color and All? If you said yes to any of these questions then pay me 20 points for a commission! All I need are details!

-Color Scheme (Each color must be labeled so I know what goes where!)
-Reference picture (A Reference is an artists friend, draw one up or show me one for best results!)
-Anything else extra (For a bit more customization, you can request your character in a certain costume {Provided with a Color Scheme} a certain pose, or maybe there's a little something about the character you wanna show! Maybe a weapon or a tattoo, a certain piercing. Every little detail helps so I can get started on it right away!

Such a piece will surely take a while, given at least 5 weeks considering the amount of detail, again I don't mind you coming in a week later to check up on it, I'll be more than happy to give you the details of the progress I made.

When all is said and done, there will be no further changes on currently submitted commissions, so please make sure it's EXACTLY what you want/need
Full Art Pieces
Line Art not enough? Want to see your character actually doing something? Would you love to see your character in a certain situation? Then commission me to make that happen!
The things I will need are:

-Reference: I NEED a picture of your character. I can't guarantee a quality product without a reference sheet of your character, complete with a color scheme.
-Setting: Where is the character gonna be? A church? A city? A forest? LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION
-Action: What is the character doing? Fighting foes, running away from harm? Resting somewhere?
-Extra: And all the little things like is the character severely injured, or is this a forest on top of some ruins of some sort, every little bit helps, but please nothing too major.


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Wulf Valentine's Bio (Edit)
Name: Wulf Valentine
Alias: The Litch (The Old King)
Age: 270
Speices: Undead, Hollow, Risen
Alignment: Neutral Good
Soul type: Heart
Skin: Light Blue
Eyes: White (Blind)
Body Type: Muscular
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150
Hair: Black (including facial and body hair)
Extra: Skin is ice cold and could freeze objects to the touch
Strengths: Cold environments, close quarters combat, confident in himself, natural leader, self-awareness of himself and others around him
Weakness': Warm environments, displays of affection, crowds of people, concern for others
Fears: Creepers, PTSD due to the attack on his kingdom over 200 years ago and being buried alive
Personality: Rather quiet and serious but who's to say he doesn't have a sense of humor. Wulf tends to be a one-word speaker if he can provide a straight forward answer. He's not one to be open about his feelings and seems to be quite reluctant to allow any friends or loved ones inside. He seems cold but is quite rational
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Thanks for the 5,000 hits guys! It's good to know I get visitors X3!
Carnival scene final for the class Materials and Lighting. I'm sure with a few extra hours it could have turned out better but this shows enough proof of concept that I just stopped there. Tell me what you guys think. Any pointers can help too, I used Maya to render this
Things to do:
1. Draw more Rigor pieces
2. Go back through old sketchbooks for revives
Caustic Dinner
Another finished piece done in class, studying the use of caustic lighting added with the known method of ambient occlusion to make things pop
NOT ENTIRELY! I still want you guys to watch me create things and hopefully inspire you. Right now I just gotta figure this shit I'll start up eventually just...not for a while.


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